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Masterclass DVDs

and YouTube Channel Video Shorts

Artwork: Sam Grimmer

Artwork: Sam Grimmer

Neil’s legendary Masterclass films are available for viewing on YouTube. They were the first of their kind and still stand up to scrutiny today. No other films are packed with as much info on how to climb harder.

‘For those trying to really push their climbing ability, I'd go so far as to say that all you need for your next step up the grade ladder is contained in this DVD.’

Alan James


The Masterclass films are not aimed at elites and are ideally suited to those climbing in the V1-5 region (F5+ - F7a)

The original films were split into 2 parts: ‘Technique and training’ and ‘Skills and Tactics for sport and trad'. They are still available to purchase (on Amazon) or you can view them on You-Tube, broken down into short tutorials, as follows. Simply type in ‘neil gresham masterclass’ followed by the chosen sub-heading.

Artwork: Sam Grimmer

Artwork: Sam Grimmer


  • Technique & training introduction

  • Components of climbing performance


  • Technique Introduction

  • Handholds

  • Footholds

  • Footwork

  • Twist lock

  • Outside Edge

  • Flag

  • Drop Knee

  • Overhangs – case study

  • Cutting loose

  • Frogging

  • Heel Hooking

  • Toe-hooking

  • Heel-toe

  • Knee bar

  • Bicycling

  • ‘3D Climbing’

  • Roofs

  • Deadpointing (slopers)

  • Dynoing

  • Slabs

  • Rock-over

  • Aretes

  • Rounded top-outs

Photo: Steve Gorton

Photo: Steve Gorton


  • Training intro

  • Strength and power intro

  • Warm-up

  • Bouldering for strength & power

  • System training

  • Campus board

  • Fingerboard (basic intro)

  • Endurance intro

  • Endurance (including circuits, routes and various)



  • Intro – Skills and tactics

Sport climbing   

  • Clipping

  • Onsighting - Leah Crane

  • Onsighting - Steve McClure

  • Redpointing intro

  • Redpointing - Adam Wainwright

  • Redpointing - Steve McClure


  • Trad slabs - Charlie Woodburn

  • Skills and tactics - Trad CS 15 Right Wall

  • Skills and tactics - Trad CS London Wall

  • Skills and tactics - Headpointing


Hooked on these films? They’re available to purchase on DVD from Amazon or by mail order from  (£25 each including P&P)