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1-to-1 Coaching

Photo: Karl Gregory

Photo: Karl Gregory

One to one coaching at Lakeland CC, Kendal

Pioneering British performance coach will diagnose your strengths and weaknesses and show you exactly how to take your climbing to the next level. 

  • Climbing with greater control and efficiency.

  • Improve strength and endurance whilst avoiding injury.

  • Lead with greater confidence.

  • Refine your tactical and mental approach.

  • Fix your weaknesses and break through plateaus

  • Obtain maximum value from your training time


Location and rates:

Neil uses the Lakeland Climbing Centre (Kendal Wall) as his base for 1-to-1 coaching. His hourly rates are £75 for initial 1-to-1 assessments (£60 per hr for subsequent 1-to-1s), £100 per hr for 1-to-2 initial assessments (£90 per hr for subsequent 1-to-2s) and £110 per hour for small groups, sized 3 - 6 people. He occasionally coaches in other parts of the UK, subject to his schedule but please note that rates may vary to reflect travel time. Neil offers a personalised training program service and an online video analysis service for those who are unable to access his 1-to-1 coaching. See this site for more info.

Photo: Karl Gregory

Photo: Karl Gregory

Indoor coaching sessions - what to expect:

A typical 1-to-1 session with Neil will last for 2 hours, during which time he will assess your strengths and weaknesses by examining everything from your technique and mental performance to your strength and endurance. Neil frequently uses video analysis and a benchmarking system to validate his findings. He will then outline your best strategy to make improvements. A one-off session can work well or you may decide to meet again for follow-ups, subject to budgets, time constraints and so on. Neil will always issue you with an overview of your training requirements but a more detailed programme can be arranged for an additional fee (£60 for 2 months, £70 for 3 months, £80 for 4 months).


If you aren’t a member of the wall then please allow time to join and pay for entry at reception before the start of the session. Please do not attempt to pay the wall for your coaching session. Please pay Neil at the end with cash or cheque, or we can send payment details if you’d prefer to pay in advance. No deposit is required but please see our cancellation policy.


Photo: Tom Glendinning

Photo: Tom Glendinning

Coaching Gift Vouchers

The perfect present for a climber!

If you wish to purchase a coaching session as a gift for a friend or relative then please email Kindly note that voucher sessions can only be conducted at Kendal Wall. Let us know the required session length (90 mins: £100 or 2hrs: £150) and we will send payment details. We will then email you a gift voucher along with a pre-coaching questionnaire to forward to the recipient.


Cancellation policy

There is no charge for cancellation up to 2 hours before the arranged start time of the session. If you are unable to provide notification in time then there is a cancellation fee of half the total price of the session.


Meeting up:

The cafe usually provides the best meeting place, but you may wish to arrange to meet elsewhere at the climbing wall.

Photo: Photo: Ben Grubb / Stronghold

Photo: Photo: Ben Grubb / Stronghold

Pre-requisites for a coaching with Neil

In order to be suitable for a 1-to-1 session with Neil, you must meet the following requirements:

·      You must have been climbing for over 6 months.

·      You must be able to lead F5+/6a routes or boulder V2.

·      You must be free from injury, apart from exceptionally minor tweaks, which are not aggravated by climbing and training.

·      You must not be suffering from illness or a medical condition.

·      You must accept our terms and conditions, namely that climbing is a potentially dangerous sport and that injuries can occur at any time, regardless of correct practice. Neil Gresham can not be held responsible for injuries incurred.


Should you warm-up before the session?

Please do not warm-up before your first session, but you are advised to warm up prior to any subsequent sessions.


Information we require from you

Please let Neil know the following details about your climbing in order to save time at the start of the session.


Photo: Tom Glendinning

Photo: Tom Glendinning


Telephone number:


Town of residence:

Year you started climbing:

Brief climbing synopsis including personal bests:

Current onsight grade indoors:

Current bouldering grade indoors:

Perceived strengths & weaknesses:

Future goals:

Do you have any current injuries?

Regular climbing wall:

Current average number of climbing / training sessions per week:

Do you have a fingerboard at home?

What you would most like to get from the session?

Any other relevant info:


Neil Gresham's coaching days at Malham provide a great chance to improve your redpointing skills.. Photo: Lukasz Warzecha

Neil Gresham's coaching days at Malham provide a great chance to improve your redpointing skills.. Photo: Lukasz Warzecha

Coaching on rock:

Neil currently offers two fantastic days out, which provide a rare opportunity to get inspired and further your skills.

Redpointing on Yorkshire limestone - half day: £250 1-to-1 / £350 1-to-2 Redpointing on Yorkshire limestone - full day: £350 1-to-1 / £450 1-to-2

...if you're climbing upwards of F6c indoors or on rock, then Malham Cove is one of the best places in the UK to improve your ability to work and send harder routes. It has a fantastic selection of routes from 6c+ upwards, some which remain permanently dry, even in winter. 

Lakes trad - full day: £400 1-to-1 / £500 1-to-2



Masterclass DVDs

and YouTube Channel Video Shorts

Artwork: Sam Grimmer

Artwork: Sam Grimmer

Neil’s legendary Masterclass films are available for viewing on YouTube. They were the first of their kind and still stand up to scrutiny today. No other films are packed with as much info on how to climb harder.

‘For those trying to really push their climbing ability, I'd go so far as to say that all you need for your next step up the grade ladder is contained in this DVD.’

Alan James


The Masterclass films are not aimed at elites and are ideally suited to those climbing in the V1-5 region (F5+ - F7a)

The original films were split into 2 parts: ‘Technique and training’ and ‘Skills and Tactics for sport and trad'. They are still available to purchase (on Amazon) or you can view them on You-Tube, broken down into short tutorials, as follows. Simply type in ‘neil gresham masterclass’ followed by the chosen sub-heading.

Artwork: Sam Grimmer

Artwork: Sam Grimmer


  • Technique & training introduction

  • Components of climbing performance


  • Technique Introduction

  • Handholds

  • Footholds

  • Footwork

  • Twist lock

  • Outside Edge

  • Flag

  • Drop Knee

  • Overhangs – case study

  • Cutting loose

  • Frogging

  • Heel Hooking

  • Toe-hooking

  • Heel-toe

  • Knee bar

  • Bicycling

  • ‘3D Climbing’

  • Roofs

  • Deadpointing (slopers)

  • Dynoing

  • Slabs

  • Rock-over

  • Aretes

  • Rounded top-outs

Photo: Steve Gorton

Photo: Steve Gorton


  • Training intro

  • Strength and power intro

  • Warm-up

  • Bouldering for strength & power

  • System training

  • Campus board

  • Fingerboard (basic intro)

  • Endurance intro

  • Endurance (including circuits, routes and various)



  • Intro – Skills and tactics

Sport climbing   

  • Clipping

  • Onsighting - Leah Crane

  • Onsighting - Steve McClure

  • Redpointing intro

  • Redpointing - Adam Wainwright

  • Redpointing - Steve McClure


  • Trad slabs - Charlie Woodburn

  • Skills and tactics - Trad CS 15 Right Wall

  • Skills and tactics - Trad CS London Wall

  • Skills and tactics - Headpointing


Hooked on these films? They’re available to purchase on DVD from Amazon or by mail order from  (£25 each including P&P)