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Group Masterclasses

Photo: Ben Grubb / Stronghold

Photo: Ben Grubb / Stronghold

Neil’s highly acclaimed group masterclass sessions are always fun and informal events. They are ideal for anyone who is climbing between F6a and F7a who is keen improve. The usual focus is on how to get the very most from your climbing wall sessions. We all tend to do the same old things but Neil will provide you with new ideas to boost your motivation and kick-start your climbing to the next level.

The sessions usually involve a combination of bouldering and leading, although a special focus can be made on one or the other. He always adapts the content to the requirements of the group.

To arrange a group masterclass with Neil you can email:

Photo: Ben Grubb / Stronghold

Photo: Ben Grubb / Stronghold

Areas Covered

  • How to warm-up safely and effectively.

  • How to keep your technique improving continuously:

  • Tips for better footwork, maintaining balance, moving fluidly, staying relaxed and conserving energy.

  • Tricks for leading such as reading the route, resting, changing pace, clipping, falling and advanced belaying.

  • Training advice:

  • How to use the wall to improve strength and endurance.

  • Ideas for home training and how to compile a basic training program.



Prices may vary but Neil‘s usual ticket price for group sessions with 6 - 10 people is approximately £40 for 2 hours or £50 for 3 hours. Climbing wall managers who are interested in booking Neil are invited to email him directly.

Photo: Leah Crane

Photo: Leah Crane

In Praise of Neil’s Masterclass sessions:

"Thank you so much for the Masterclass I attended today! I wasn’t quite sure what to expect and must admit I was slightly nervous. However the class far exceeded any expectations! Within 5 minutes I knew we were on to something and by the end - the slate was wiped clean! The techniques you taught us altered my mindset and from now on, my approach to climbing! 
I’m now looking at climbing in a new light and can’t wait to practice these new techniques until I get them dialed! I’m sure you get lots of emails like this but I just wanted to say THANK YOU Neil for a totally mind blowing masterclass today!"

Jonathan E





Photo: Craggy Island

Photo: Craggy Island

"I really enjoyed the session, and felt that I walked away both motivated about my climbing, and having gained some good tips about my technique and some valuable advice on how to train properly. I especially like the new dynamic belaying method Neil taught us. Also it was good to get some feedback on my climbing, so I can understand where I am at level-wise.
Neil came across very well, and seemed open and friendly, and held the session in a very relaxed way, while at the same time getting his points across. I like the way he teaches. I think the proof is in the pudding really. Before Neil came I had only climbed the red route to the left of the slab on top-rope and after Neil’s lesson, I lead it with relative ease. All in all, money well spent. Thanks Neil!!"

 Andrew G


Photo: Craggy Island

Photo: Craggy Island

‘Everyone had a great time and took something from the session and it certainly gives us all something to build on… I hope the session is the first of many to come…. Many thanks for your time and expertise yesterday.’

Tony D - RAF climbing team coach


‘The thing that made it a fantastic learning experience for me was that you struck the right balance between being friendly and directive. Your ‘right and wrong’ demonstrations of particular moves were also very highlighting. Overall...awesome.’

Phil B


Neil running the first coaching holidays in Kalymnos in 2001.  Photo: Gresham collection

Neil running the first coaching holidays in Kalymnos in 2001.

Photo: Gresham collection

‘I've often found good climbers only want to tell you how good they are rather than help you. You were quite the opposite and really focused on us today. Thanks.’

Manuel M


‘I would just like to say thanks for the climbing tips you gave us at the Peterborough wall in October. Since then I have jumped up 2 or 3 grades, finding 6a-6b boulder problems fairly easy. Thanks again and happy climbing.’

Robert D