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1-to-1 Coaching

Photo: Karl Gregory

Photo: Karl Gregory

One to one coaching at Kendal Wall

Britain’s pioneering performance coach will diagnose your strengths and weaknesses and show you exactly how to take your climbing to the next level. 

  • Climbing with greater control and efficiency.

  • Improve strength and endurance whilst avoiding injury.

  • Lead with greater confidence.

  • Refine your tactical and mental approach.

  • Fix your weaknesses and break through plateaus

  • Obtain maximum value from your training time


Location and rates:

Neil uses the Lakeland Climbing Centre (Kendal Wall) as his base for 1-to-1 coaching. His hourly rates are £60 for 1-to-1s, £80 for 1-to-2s and £90 for small groups, sized 3 - 4 people. He occasionally coaches in other parts of the UK, subject to his schedule but please note that rates may vary to reflect travel time. Neil runs a personalised training program service for those who are unable to access his 1-to-1 coaching. See this site for more info.

Photo: Karl Gregory

Photo: Karl Gregory

Indoor coaching sessions - what to expect:

A typical 1-to-1 session with Neil will last for 2 hours, during which time he will assess your strengths and weaknesses by examining everything from your technique and mental performance to your strength and endurance. Neil frequently uses video analysis and a benchmarking system to validate his findings. He will then outline your best strategy to make improvements. A one-off session can work well or you may decide to meet again for follow-ups, subject to budgets, time constraints and so on. Neil will always issue you with an overview of your training requirements but a more detailed programme can be arranged for an additional fee (£60 for 2 months, £70 for 3 months, £80 for 4 months).


If you aren’t a member of the wall then please allow time to join and pay for entry at reception before the start of the session. Please do not attempt to pay the wall for your coaching session. Please pay Neil at the end with cash or cheque, or we can send payment details if you’d prefer to pay in advance. No deposit is required but please see our cancellation policy.


Photo: Tom Glendinning

Photo: Tom Glendinning

Coaching Gift Vouchers

The perfect present for a climber!

If you wish to purchase a coaching session as a gift for a friend or relative then please email Kindly note that voucher sessions can only be conducted at Kendal Wall. Let us know the required session length (90 mins: £90 or 2hrs: £120) and we will send payment details. We will then email you a gift voucher along with a pre-coaching questionnaire to forward to the recipient.


Cancellation policy

There is no charge for cancellation up to 2 hours before the arranged start time of the session. If you are unable to provide notification in time then there is a cancellation fee of half the total price of the session.


Meeting up:

The cafe usually provides the best meeting place, but you may wish to arrange to meet elsewhere at the climbing wall.

Photo: Tom Glendinning

Photo: Tom Glendinning

Pre-requisites for a coaching with Neil

In order to be suitable for a 1-to-1 session with Neil, you must meet the following requirements:

·      You must have been climbing for over 6 months.

·      You must be able to lead F5+/6a routes or boulder V2.

·      You must be free from injury, apart from exceptionally minor tweaks, which are not aggravated by climbing and training.

·      You must not be suffering from illness or a medical condition.

·      You must accept our terms and conditions, namely that climbing is a potentially dangerous sport and that injuries can occur at any time, regardless of correct practice. Neil Gresham can not be held responsible for injuries incurred.


Should you warm-up before the session?

Please do not warm-up before your first session, but you are advised to warm up prior to any subsequent sessions.


Information we require from you

Please let Neil know the following details about your climbing in order to save time at the start of the session.


Photo: Tom Glendinning

Photo: Tom Glendinning


Telephone number:


Town of residence:

Year you started climbing:

Brief climbing synopsis including personal bests:

Current onsight grade indoors:

Current bouldering grade indoors:

Perceived strengths & weaknesses:

Future goals:

Do you have any current injuries?

Regular climbing wall:

Current average number of climbing / training sessions per week:

Do you have a fingerboard at home?

What you would most like to get from the session?

Any other relevant info:


Neil Gresham's coaching days at Malham provide a great chance to improve your redpointing skills.. Photo: Lukasz Warzecha

Neil Gresham's coaching days at Malham provide a great chance to improve your redpointing skills.. Photo: Lukasz Warzecha

Coaching on rock:

Neil currently offers two fantastic days out, which provide a rare opportunity to get inspired and further your skills.

Redpointing on Yorkshire limestone - half day: £250 1-to-1 / £350 1-to-2 Redpointing on Yorkshire limestone - full day: £350 1-to-1 / £450 1-to-2

...if you're climbing upwards of F6c indoors or on rock, then Malham Cove is one of the best places in the UK to improve your ability to work and send harder routes. It has a fantastic selection of routes from 6c+ upwards, some which remain permanently dry, even in winter. 

Lakes trad - full day: £400 1-to-1 / £500 1-to-2


Photo: Tom Glendinning

Photo: Tom Glendinning


‘What sets Neil apart from other climbing coaches is that he has a track record. He doesn’t just coach 8a climbers, but rather guys like me who were climbing 6b and aspired to 7a. I genuinely did follow his advice, and predictably I progressed up the grades and am now climbing 7b. If you train the same, you stay the same. Neil sees the gaps in your climbing routines and tells you exactly what to do to fix them. You will not come across a nicer, more down to earth, effective coach. I cannot recommend him highly enough.’ 

Pete H


‘Neil's a leading coach. He is also a very good person - articulate and thoughtful. I've trained with him as a tutor. Outstanding.’

Jack T

Photo: Leah Crane

Photo: Leah Crane

‘I am petrified of falling and never commit to the the last year has been one disappointing lead after another...UNTIL...I got Neil Gresham - top UK climber and coach to coach me. I was very cynical about the whole coaching thing and used it as a last resort after all else failed. I did one session with Neil and amazed (really AMAZED) myself with some seriously big whippers. He was brilliant and without me noticing it he built up my falls until I actually started enjoying them. Check him out, he is an amazing coach and without him, I would have never been able to cross that mental barrier.’

Dee A

‘Just wanted to say thank you for all the great tips yesterday. I really enjoyed our coaching session and got a huge amount of useful information from it. I thought you were able to very accurately pinpoint all the gaps in my technique, both obvious and subtle, and then provide the right solution to fix them.’

Anna C

Photo: Tom Glendinning

Photo: Tom Glendinning

‘After meeting you at Christmas I started training really hard in the ways you suggested…. and have gone from VS to E2. I’ve finally started to realise how to climb hard and most of it is down to you.’

Tom T


‘A week ago I managed to lead a F6c+ route at the Harrogate indoor wall which represented something of a ‘breakthrough’ for me…….I can only think that these recent relative successes I've enjoyed are in no small part due to your fantastic coaching session. Once again, many, many thanks for all your advice, guidance and inspiration!’

Jamie P


‘Neil. Thanks for today's session - I took a great deal away from it, all of which I feel is actionable. You explain things very clearly and concisely.’

Chris R

Neil developed the format for the first British-lead bouldering coaching holidays in Fontainebleau. He ran these successfully every year between 2001 and 2010.

Neil developed the format for the first British-lead bouldering coaching holidays in Fontainebleau. He ran these successfully every year between 2001 and 2010.

‘On Friday 6th June I successfully led my project, which I modestly gave a F6b grade. I followed your programme for just over four weeks and would like to say a huge thanks to you, Neil because it would not have been achieved without that slip of paper! Thanks. God bless.’

Colin G (72 yrs of age)


‘Just wanted to let you know, I also managed to tick a 7a+ at the wall on my 3rd redpoint attempt. Focused on footwork and staying calm and it felt relatively easy when I got it right! I think it's a pretty good endorsement of your coaching that 3 people who went on your Kalymnos trip in October are all climbing 3-4 grades harder 6 months later!’

Roland O 



Neil has over three decades of experience at the cutting edge of the sport. Seen here climbing La Rose et le Vampire 8b at Buoux in 1991, when this was regarded as one of the world test pieces.

Neil has over three decades of experience at the cutting edge of the sport. Seen here climbing La Rose et le Vampire 8b at Buoux in 1991, when this was regarded as one of the world test pieces.

'I had an amazing time in Ceuse with some brilliant achievements.…. By the end I had onsighted a gorgeous 6b. Thanks for all your support Neil, you’re a real inspiration to me, and your coaching and philosophy will always have an impact on my climbing.’

Trevor M 


‘Finally got a 7b at Westway clean. Fell on the onsight but next go it went quite smooth. Thanks Neil! I think you inspired a breakthrough…..those two 7bs felt actually below my limit, so much so that I was disappointed I didn’t onsight them!’

Gavin L  


‘Neil is obviously an expert and an inspiration in his field. What an honour to be coached by him.’

 Louise W


Photo: Karl Gregory

Photo: Karl Gregory

‘Thank you for my lesson today - you've taught me so much.  I can't believe how radically you've changed my ability to climb in 60 minutes!  I also really appreciated how well you used the short time and how much we got through.’

Sally H


‘Thanks Neil. I feel very motivated and excited by what I might be able to achieve with your help. I am always in awe of people with your level of skill who understand how to teach people like me with infinitely less skill and experience.’

Cindy W


‘My climbing has definitely improved. I’ve focused more on flow and not hesitating before every hard move. Your coaching has really helped sort out some of the relatively technical issues that were holding me back, and given me a clear idea of the training I should be doing to improve.’

Noah S