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Ice World Cup 2000


In 2000, Tim Emmett and I decided to enter the first ever Ice World Cup competition series....

It was an exciting time for the sport, as technical standards were exploding and leash-less tools were in the process of being developed. The tour provided us with the opportunity to spend time with some of the world's best winter climbers and to experience a truly unique style of competition climbing. We even managed to fluke our way into a few semi-finals and Tim flew the flag for Britain by making the occasional podium.


Competitions - DWS UK 2016


The Deep Water Soloing competition in Exeter is a lively carnival-style event, which proves to be a major tourist attraction. The action takes place on a free-standing structure, which floats in the harbour right outside the Quay Climbing Centre. The routes are set in a dynamic, bouldery style, with lots of novelty swinging volumes, and this leads to no end of comedy splashdowns, much to the delight of the crowd. I was happy to scrape into the top ten in the midst of a strong field in 2016 and narrowly missed the cut for the final. Sometimes you have to allow the next generation to have their chance!

Photos courtesy of the Quay Climbing Centre.